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Syllabubs are listed under drinks and with sweet foods (desserts). Depending on how a syllabub was prepared really determined it category. The term syllabub refers to a mixture of milk or cream, sugar and wine or cider.

A syllabub from a cow was a drink. To make it cider was sweetened with sugar and flavored with grated nutmeg and mixed together. The mixture was then taken out to the barn where fresh warm milk, directly from the cow was added. To this a small amount of cream was added. A warmed drink without a fire.

Another form of syllabub was called “a cream”. A cream was made with cream, sugar, eggs and flavored with lemon juice or wine or raspberry juice.  These mixtures were generally heated to boiling point (but not boiled) to thicken and then serve.

The most familiar syllabubs are those served with froth. Froths were made in a couple of ways.
The first was with froth only. Of this kind two variations were found. One type called for egg whites, cream, wine, sugar and lemon peel for flavoring. A second type was made with cream, lemon juice added to the wine, and a generous amount of sugar. Both were whipped to froth and spooned into glasses.  One said the syllabub was best after three or four days but would keep nine or ten days.  The other type was a cross between a drink and a dessert.  In this type the froth was made as above.  White wine was sweetened with sugar and poured in to glasses half full. Then froth was spooned on top.  These syllabubs must be made and served immediately.

Whipt Syllabub

4 cups cream, 1 cup wine, juice of 1 lemon (optional), 1 cup sugar
Whip all ingredients to froth. Fill glasses half full with white wine, spoon froth on top. Make just before serving.

A Cream

2 cups cream, 1/2 cup sugar*, a little nutmeg, 2 tablespoons wine, mix well.  Beat 4 eggs and 2 egg whites together, add to cream mixture. Place in a sauce pan and cook until thickened, stirring constantly. (Do not boil)  Pour into serving dishes.

*Recipe did not give amount of sugar. Author has not tested recipe and is estimating the amount of sugar.  Use your own judgment and taste as a guide.