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Turkey Leftovers
Turkey – Stuffing – Gravy

Stuffing: Warp in aluminum foil and place in a steamer. Bring water to a boil and heat ten minutes. Stuffing package can be placed on top of vegetables being steamed.
Gravy: 1) Place in a sauce pan, turn heat on low allow gravy to melt into a liquid slowly (high heat causes lumps) while stirring occasionally. If gravy is too thick add water or milk to dilute. Bring to a boil.
2) Place gravy in a double boiler. This prevents over heating of gravy during re-liquidation process. When hot add turkey and heat. 
Turkey or Chicken: Slice or cut up into chunks, add to boiling gravy and continue to boil one minute longer. Turn off heat, cover pan and leave meat in hot gravy ten minutes. This will re-heat the meat without cooking the meat any further. 

Suggested ways to use leftover turkey
1) Cold turkey sandwich with sliced stuffing and cranberry sauce

2) Hot open-faced turkey sandwich with stuffing and gravy
     Warm a plate, place a slice of bread on the plate, add warmed stuffing and warmed turkey, pour gravy on top. Cook a fresh vegetable for a side dish and you have dinner.

3) Turkey and Mushrooms in gravy called “Turkey Hash”
Saute mushrooms and add to gravy when re-heating turkey. Milk was suggested to dilute the leftover turkey gravy. Serve with a vegetable and mashed potatoes.

4) Turkey or Chicken Shortcake is turkey on a hot, split biscuit
Make a batch of baking powder biscuits (see Baking Powder Biscuit Recipe). While the biscuits are baking re-heat leftover gravy (see above for instructions) or open a can of pre-made gravy, heat to boiling and add turkey or chicken chunks, let boil one minute then turn off heat and cover. Let stand in hot gravy for ten minutes. Use approximately 1˝ cups turkey or chicken to 2 cups gravy.
Hot biscuits - split in half, put one half on plate cover with a heaping serving of turkey/gravy mix and top with other half of biscuit. Enjoy the rest of the biscuits with butter. Add a fresh vegetable and dinner is served.